I’ve been drivin’ all night

Car's headlights seen through raindrops on a windshield

I’ve been drivin’ all night…

I've been drivin' all night, my hand's wet on the wheel 
There's a voice in my head, that drives my heel 
It's my baby callin', says, "I need you here" 
And it's half past four, and I'm shifting gear...

from “Radar Love” by Golden Earring

On my way home after a photo shoot…



Black and white, Ploumanac'h, Men Ruz lighthouse

Ploumanac’h, Men Ruz lighthouse

This photo of the lighthouse of Ploumanac’h reminds me of a famous computer game of the 90’s called “Myst” with it’s mysterious buildings and structures. For those of you who don’t know it, here’s a short description:

Myst is a graphic adventure video game. It puts the player in the role of the Stranger, who uses a special book to travel to the island of Myst. To complete the game, the player must explore the seemingly deserted island. There the player discovers and follows clues to be transported via “linking books” to several “Ages”, each of which is a self-contained mini-world. Each of the Ages—named Selenitic, Stoneship, Mechanical, and Channelwood—requires the user to solve a series of logical, interrelated puzzles to complete its exploration. Objects and information discovered in one Age may be required to solve puzzles in another Age, or to complete the game’s primary puzzle on Myst. A very mysterious world indeed…

To get to this lighthouse you have to go down a winding path carved through pink granite rocks and cross the beautiful bridge in front of the building. This can be a dangerous undertaking when there’s a storm blowing, because the waves will go over the path and crush you against the rocks. You’ll probably die (well maybe not.., but there’s a sign that says you will…!)

I got lucky for this photo. When I arrived in front of the bridge there was nobody near the lighthouse. I quickly snapped two or three shots and then the people started to arrive. I stayed for almost an hour, and at least twenty tourists were surrounding the lighthouse or walking on the bridge at any given time. Impossible to take more pictures… CONTINUE READING…

Welcome to the machine

An entrance to the "Cité des Sciences" in Paris, France

An entrance to the “Cité des Sciences” in Paris, France

"Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
 Where have you been?
 It's alright we know where you've been."
 Pink Floyd

Well, this photo was obviously heavily inspired by the song “Welcome to the machine” by Pink Floyd. We were waiting outside the “Cité des Sciences” in Paris when I saw this scene: people entering and coming out of the building. The machine-like architecture and the people going in and out immediately made me think of the aforementioned song and I had to take a picture. It took about ten attempts or thirty minutes before I got it right; I wanted someone walking alone, with a light colored shirt. It took a little effort, but I’m very pleased with the result…

The building is “La Cité des Sciences” in Paris France. A very interesting place, really worth a visit if you’re interested in anything related to science.