Picture of the month: Waterfall

Gour Blue - Cascades du Hérisson, Jura, France

Gour Blue – Cascades du Hérisson, Jura, France

“Gour Blue” is one of the most beautiful falls on the river Hérisson and part of the “Cascades du Hérisson”, located in the French Jura. A more detailed description of this location and some tips on how to photograph waterfalls can be found in this post.


Gour Blue waterfall, cascades du hérisson, Jura, France

Gour Blue, Cascades du hérisson

I just got back from a fabulous trip to the French Jura mountains. I went there mainly to shoot waterfalls, although I knew it was not the best time of the year for these kind of shots. In summer there’s simply not a lot of water in the small mountain rivers, so most waterfalls look kind of smallish and not very compelling. However, I managed to find some interesting falls, despite the lack of water.


Picture of the month: The chapel

Chapel of Etretat, Notre-Dame de la Garde, in dense fog

Notre-Dame de la Garde in dense fog

Etretat, Normandy in France on a cold and very foggy day in March 2014.

At the top of the cliff stands the stone silhouette of the chapel “Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde”, protector of fishermen. The present building replaces a brick and stone neo-Gothic chapel of the nineteenth century . The original was destroyed by the occupying forces during World War II.