Chambord, view from the east

Chambord, view from the east

A long exposure, HDR, black and white shot of the castle of Chambord.

The palace of Chambord is situated a few kilometers from the city of Blois in the region of Sologne, 177 kilometers south of Paris. An example of the early French Renaissance, the palace of Francis 1 is an essential stop on the circuit of the castles of the Loire valley. It’s the second most visited château (after Versailles) and in the top ten of most visited tourists attractions in France.




Gour Blue waterfall, cascades du hérisson, Jura, France

Gour Blue, Cascades du hérisson

I just got back from a fabulous trip to the French Jura mountains. I went there mainly to shoot waterfalls, although I knew it was not the best time of the year for these kind of shots. In summer there’s simply not a lot of water in the small mountain rivers, so most waterfalls look kind of smallish and not very compelling. However, I managed to find some interesting falls, despite the lack of water.


Back to Brittany


Yay! Going back to Brittany, France, next week. Brittany, or “Breizh”, has a beautiful coast, with a plethora of photographic opportunities. It’s going to be a one week trip to the north of the province. We’ll be doing plenty of hiking and we have some boat trips to some nearby islands scheduled as well. The weather forecast looks fine: we’re going to have some sunny days, but also a few days with “bad weather”. I put “bad weather” between parentheses, because I think those days are going to be the best days to practice one of my favorite activities: taking pictures!

I plan on doing some  long exposure work, probably in black and white, which is something I really enjoy. I hope to show the results here after the trip. CONTINUE READING…

Chambord revisited

Château de Chambord, black and white, hdr

Château de Chambord

A few weeks ago I paid another visit to the castle of Chambord. This time we had bright sunny weather, with (almost) no cloud on the horizon. Conditions were far from optimal for photography but I decided to give it a try anyway. Again I had to use HDR to tone down the sky and to get out the shadows a bit more. This is the north-face of the castle and thus, by definition, always in shadow.

We also did some  fashion-like stuff with strobes  that day, which is something completely different, but lots of fun! Maybe I’ll post some pictures of that later.. who knows?