Ein Körper im Raum

Ein körper im raum, Raphaël Cottin

Ein körper im raum, Raphaël Cottin

“Ein Körper im Raum” is a solo on the inclusion of the body in the space of the scene. Based on the concepts of Rudolf Laban, a Hungarian movement theorist of the early twentieth century, Raphaël Cottin, creator of the companyLa Poétique des Signes, has developed an original style.


In motion

Spectacle de Guillaume de Chambenoit, dancing girl

In motion (Guillaume Dechambenoit)

Journées Européennes du Patrimoine


“Street life”, a musical by Nasser Martin-Gousset, created as part of the Quartiers d’Arts project proposed by the city of Orléans, allowed twenty participants to enroll in a creative project under the direction of an artist.
Two performances of Street life” took place on 6 and 7 July 2013, at the college Anatole Bailly” in front of more than 500 people. (Here’s a photograph from one of these performances).

The CCNO wishes to continue its support for some of these young artists who came together to imagine new projects.
Thus, Timothé Mohamed Ballo and Guillaume Dechambenoit were welcomed to the studios of the CCNO  for the season 2013/2014 and presented their work to the public at the end of their rehearsals.




“Streetlife” – Sleepwalking

From “Streetlife”

Project by Nasser Martin-Gousset

The story line of this musical comedy takes place in contemporary Orleans and in places of everyday movement – a square, a courtyard, a parking lot or a street.
Without losing site of the storybook aspect of this musical fable, the comedy remains anchored in reality, as do the characters and situations.
The project is built on pre-existing French songs, labelled “realist”, from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, as well as popular and international songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s. They are transformed and adapted to tell a story.
Together with the participants, we created movement and text based on improvisations and given situations related to the concept of behaviour in the public space that is the street, exploring encounters, rendezvous, good-byes and reunions.
Nasser Martin-Gousset.



My picture published in “Le Monde”

picture of ATEM the breath in "Le Monde"

“ATEM” in “Le Monde”

 Okay, time for some shameless self-promotion here: one of my pictures got published in the French daily newspaper “Le Monde”. The picture is used to promote the piece “ATEM” by choreographer Joseph Nadj. You can read more about this theatrical piece here: “ATEM le souffle, on tour“.

The original article, in French, can be found here: “ATEM” in “Le Monde”.

Atem le souffle: Josef Nadj / Anne-Sophie Lancelin

Atem le souffle: Josef Nadj / Anne-Sophie Lancelin

And here’s the original picture…

Pretty cool…!

ATEM le souffle, on tour

Anne-Sophie Lancelin and Josef Nadj in "ATEM"

Anne-Sophie Lancelin and Josef Nadj in “ATEM”

Last summer I did a photo session covering Josef Nadj’s latest piece “ATEM le souffle” at the CCNO in Orléans,  France. Here’s a summary of this piece and a tour calendar. Check it out if you can, it’s an awesome experience!

Transforming the cramped area of a three-by-four-meter box into an infinite space, abolishing time with a simple baton, which restricts as much as it makes possible the relationship of two beings: this is the theatrical and alchemical experience that Josef Nadj and Anne-Sophie Lancelin engage in. Together, they inhabit this device and dance for about 60 spectators. The crowding is metamorphosed into intimacy, the public is attentive to the innumerable details of a stage lit only by candles. The picture vacillates and changes attacked by each person’s breath. Breath is Atem in German. It is a word that Josef Nadj encountered in a poem by Paul Celan, whose writings gravitate around this new creation. The picture also vacillates and changes attacked by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) whose engraving Melencolia has subjugated and pursued Josef Nadj since his adolescence. He sees a woman and a small man in it, both sporting wings, who seem to be waiting in front of a house, surrounded by a host of signs and objects that lend themselves to infinite interpretations. The choreography takes hold of this engraving and the other two that form with it a trilogy – Saint Jerome in His Study and Knight, Death and the Devil –, like a field of rebuses, of suggestions. To unfold all the possibilities in these works, Anne-Sophie Lancelin and Josef Nadj circulate in a sound space composed by Alain Mahé, using the sound of nature and the elements. For a small theater of light and shadow, emotions and sensations.

Renan Benyamina for the 2012 edition of the Festival d’Avignon