Mystery Door

Mystery door (Bréhat lighthouse)

Mystery door (Bréhat lighthouse)

… or:”How to make ten tourists invisible”.

A few people in Perros Guirec told us that we definitely had to visit the “Île-de-Bréhat” because it is so “typical” of Brittany. So, we went there and we were not the only ones…

As the name implies: it’s an island. You have to go there by boat, which only takes about ten or fifteen minutes. Once you’re on the island, you find yourself trapped on a small rock of only a few hundred meters wide, together with another few thousand tourists. Although I have to admit that the island is beautiful and charming, the overall experience was heavily influenced by the sheer number of tourists and the very unfriendly attitude of the locals: it’s not gonna make it onto my list of cool places to visit.

Anyway, the island is beautiful and typical for Brittany and it has some cool lighthouses amongst other things. I wanted to photograph one of the lighthouses, but there were at least ten tourists walking around it at any given time. How did I get rid of them? Simple: I screwed a ND400 neutral density filter on my wide angle lens, which resulted in a long exposure of about 20 seconds. Just enough to make the moving people disappear! Luckily for me, most of the people kept moving while admiring the lighthouse. CONTINUE READING…