Mystery Door

Mystery door (Bréhat lighthouse)

Mystery door (Bréhat lighthouse)

… or:”How to make ten tourists invisible”.

A few people in Perros Guirec told us that we definitely had to visit the “Île-de-Bréhat” because it is so “typical” of Brittany. So, we went there and we were not the only ones…

As the name implies: it’s an island. You have to go there by boat, which only takes about ten or fifteen minutes. Once you’re on the island, you find yourself trapped on a small rock of only a few hundred meters wide, together with another few thousand tourists. Although I have to admit that the island is beautiful and charming, the overall experience was heavily influenced by the sheer number of tourists and the very unfriendly attitude of the locals: it’s not gonna make it onto my list of cool places to visit.

Anyway, the island is beautiful and typical for Brittany and it has some cool lighthouses amongst other things. I wanted to photograph one of the lighthouses, but there were at least ten tourists walking around it at any given time. How did I get rid of them? Simple: I screwed a ND400 neutral density filter on my wide angle lens, which resulted in a long exposure of about 20 seconds. Just enough to make the moving people disappear! Luckily for me, most of the people kept moving while admiring the lighthouse.


About Bréhat

Bréhat is actually an archipelago composed of two main islands, separated only at high tide, and many smaller ones. It is famous for its pink granite rocks, very mild micro-climate and Mediterranean vegetation, due to the warm Gulf Stream coming from across the Atlantic.

Many day-trippers come to Brehat every day by the ferry service (les Vedettes de Bréhat) and visit the main tourist attractions, the Paon & Rosedo lighthouses, the St-Michel chapel, the Guerzido beach, the Birlot water-mill and the Verrerie of Bréhat.

(Source: Wikipedia)




How it was done:

  • Used a tripod, a Sigma 10-20mm lens with with a ND400 neutral density filter
  • Exposure time: 20 seconds, enough to make most tourists invisible…
  • Imported in Adobe Lightroom
  • Did some tweaking in Adobe Lightroom (cropped, straightened horizon and removed dust spots)
  • I used photoshop to remove a small spot which was impossible to remove completely in Lightroom.



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