Going Medieval

Medieval castle of Chaumont sur Loire, France. Black and white.

Medieval castle of Chaumont sur Loire, France. Black and white.

About the castle

The Château de Chaumont is a castle in Chaumont-sur-Loire, Loir-et-Cher, France. The castle was founded in the 10th century by Odo I, Count of Blois. After Pierre d’Amboise rebelled against Louis XI, the king ordered the castle’s destruction. Later in the 15th century Château de Chaumont was rebuilt by Charles I d’Amboise. Protected as a monument historique since 1840, the château was given into state ownership in 1938 and is now open to the public. (From Wikipedia)

Technical aspects

This picture was taken on a very bright albeit cloudy day. Clouds are perfect! You can blur them wonderfully with long exposures, especially if they’re moving fast. On this particular day however, the clouds were moving rather slowly as there was hardly any wind blowing. In order to obtain the slower shutter speeds needed, think 30 seconds or more, I had to use my Hoya ND400 “black” filter together with a circular polarizer. The polarizer was used to lose another 2 stops of light. All in all, with my filters mounted and an aperture of f18(!) I achieved exposures of around 30 – 40 seconds. Just enough to blur those clouds (and to remove a few people moving in front of the castle..).

How it was done:

  • Used a Sigma 10-20mm lens at 11.5 mm with a Hoya ND400 filter and a polarizer
  • Camera on tripod
  • Exposure time: 32 seconds at F18, ISO100
  • Imported in Adobe Lightroom
  • Converted to black and white in Lightroom
  • Some tweaking in Adobe Lightroom (cropped, added vignette and split toning)



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