Ein Körper im Raum

Ein körper im raum, Raphaël Cottin

Ein körper im raum, Raphaël Cottin

“Ein Körper im Raum” is a solo on the inclusion of the body in the space of the scene. Based on the concepts of Rudolf Laban, a Hungarian movement theorist of the early twentieth century, Raphaël Cottin, creator of the companyLa Poétique des Signes, has developed an original style.

The choreographer / dancer chooses to occupy the scene with empty space as his only partner. Inside this vacuum, he takes his place to explore the possibilities of his body. Tight in a black leotard which amplifies his gestures, he rushes into an intoxicating range of motion. The space becomes a toolbox, the body is engaged in all kinds of experiences in the fullness of gestural dimension. It seeks support in light and adventures further, penetrating the mysteries of the shadows. The vacuum gets a meaning. In this laboratory of  poetic gesture, the slightest movement reveals the materiality of the body. All ephemeral elements, whether the eruption of an image, the rhythm of a composition, the perception of a color or gesture of a hand, become stage presence. Every detail counts in supporting the body. Raphaël Cottin is a true explorer of the stage space, a researcher of the interaction with the vacuum.

Ein körper im raum, Raphaël Cottin

Ein körper im raum, Raphaël Cottin

Raphaël Cottin developed a style inspired by movement theorist Rudolf Laban . Since 2008, he dances for Thomas Lebrun at Tours NCC. He regularly collaborates with director Jean Lacornerie for musical productions at the Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse or the Lyon Opera.  Last summer, he presented with poet and actor Pierre MeunierBuffet à Vif”, commissioned by the Festival d’Avignon and SACD. 1

The photographs were taken during a rehearsal for a representation at the festival “Traverses 2014” in Orléans at the Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans.




Shot with a Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens; camera on a tripod:

  • ISO Speed Ratings = 1600
  • Original Date/Time = 2014:11:29 17:24:42
  • Shutter Speed (Exposure Time) = 1/30 second
  • Aperture = ƒ/2
  • Flash = Flash did not fire
  • Focal Length = 50/1 mm ===> 50 mm




  1. Text by CCNO, translated into English by Whizz45.
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