Domino Effect

Boats falling over like dominos

Domino Effect

The domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then causes another similar change, and so on in linear sequence. The term is best known as a mechanical effect, and is used as an analogy to a falling row of dominoes. It typically refers to a linked sequence of events where the time between successive events is relatively small. It can be used literally (an observed series of actual collisions) or metaphorically (causal linkages within systems such as global finance or politics) (from: Wikipedia: Domino Effect)


I took this one on a very, very cold morning in April.

When I left home I remember myself saying to my girlfriend: “Oh, you don’t need your gloves, it isn’t that cold”. But when I arrived at the scene where I took this picture, my hands and fingers were so cold, I could hardly screw the ND400 neutral density filter on my lens…

Lesson learned: never ever underestimate the weather conditions and always prepare for the worst..!



How it was done:

  • Used a 10-20mm lens at 12mm
  • ND400 neutral density filter
  • Exposure time: 15 seconds at F11, ISO100
  • Imported in Adobe Lightroom
  • Converted to black and white in Lightroom
  • Did some tweaking in Adobe Lightroom (cropped, added vignette and removed dust spots)



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