Ein Körper im Raum

Ein körper im raum, Raphaël Cottin

Ein körper im raum, Raphaël Cottin

“Ein Körper im Raum” is a solo on the inclusion of the body in the space of the scene. Based on the concepts of Rudolf Laban, a Hungarian movement theorist of the early twentieth century, Raphaël Cottin, creator of the companyLa Poétique des Signes, has developed an original style.


Picture of the month: close encounter

Black and white photo of people and "entities" in mist

Close encounter of the third kind


Close encounter of the third kind: “UFO encounters in which an animated creature is present. These include humanoids, robots, and humans who seem to be occupants or pilots of a UFO“.


Everything is true (or almost):

Back in 2013 I witnessed this strange phenomenon. While taking a picture of my friends in the park, we were suddenly caught in a dense fog. We heard a loud hissing sound and, all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, these “humanoids” or “entities” appeared. My friends quickly turned around and managed to snap a few shots of these “beings” with their cellphone, while I pressed the shutter to capture a picture of them surrounded by these strange creatures. The whole thing lasted only for a few seconds, then the fog cleared and everything was normal again….



In motion

Spectacle de Guillaume de Chambenoit, dancing girl

In motion (Guillaume Dechambenoit)

Journées Européennes du Patrimoine


“Street life”, a musical by Nasser Martin-Gousset, created as part of the Quartiers d’Arts project proposed by the city of Orléans, allowed twenty participants to enroll in a creative project under the direction of an artist.
Two performances of Street life” took place on 6 and 7 July 2013, at the college Anatole Bailly” in front of more than 500 people. (Here’s a photograph from one of these performances).

The CCNO wishes to continue its support for some of these young artists who came together to imagine new projects.
Thus, Timothé Mohamed Ballo and Guillaume Dechambenoit were welcomed to the studios of the CCNO  for the season 2013/2014 and presented their work to the public at the end of their rehearsals.