Rock don’t roll

Black and white long exposure photo rockpiles, pebbles, île Grande, France

Rock don’t roll (Rockpiles, île Grande, September 2012)

This one was taken on Île-Grande in Brittany, France during our latest trip. We walked around the island and we were pleasantly surprised: it is beautiful. There were not much tourists when we were around, but I guess there must be a lot of them during the summer months judging by the number of rock piles. These piles of rocks covered a whole beach, an impressive sight! I’m sure they’re made by people with a lot of time on their hands (tourists?) because it’s not as easy as it looks to make a stable pile. Anyways, these piles have become very typical of  Île-Grande and it yields great photos.

I went in with my ultra wide angle lens and got really close to the pile of rocks on the right. The distance between the lens and the pile was about two feet (60 cm). I used a long exposure to get those blurred clouds in the sky.


Mystery Door

Mystery door (Bréhat lighthouse)

Mystery door (Bréhat lighthouse)

… or:”How to make ten tourists invisible”.

A few people in Perros Guirec told us that we definitely had to visit the “Île-de-Bréhat” because it is so “typical” of Brittany. So, we went there and we were not the only ones…

As the name implies: it’s an island. You have to go there by boat, which only takes about ten or fifteen minutes. Once you’re on the island, you find yourself trapped on a small rock of only a few hundred meters wide, together with another few thousand tourists. Although I have to admit that the island is beautiful and charming, the overall experience was heavily influenced by the sheer number of tourists and the very unfriendly attitude of the locals: it’s not gonna make it onto my list of cool places to visit.

Anyway, the island is beautiful and typical for Brittany and it has some cool lighthouses amongst other things. I wanted to photograph one of the lighthouses, but there were at least ten tourists walking around it at any given time. How did I get rid of them? Simple: I screwed a ND400 neutral density filter on my wide angle lens, which resulted in a long exposure of about 20 seconds. Just enough to make the moving people disappear! Luckily for me, most of the people kept moving while admiring the lighthouse. CONTINUE READING…


Zen, Perros Guirec, view on Sept Iles


No, that’s not mount Fuji there on the horizon, though it looks a bit like it. Neither is it a snow covered volcano. It’s an island with about 20.000 birds perched on the north face. The island is called “l’île Rouzic” and it’s located about 6 miles off the coast of Perros Guirec in Brittany, France. Rouzic is one of the “Seven Islands” (“Sept Iles” in French). The birds are Northern Gannets and this is the only colony of Gannets found in France. CONTINUE READING…

Seven Islands

View on "Sept Iles" Bretagne, France with two rocks

Seven Islands

We just got back from a fantastic trip to Perros Guirec in Brittany, France. As promised in the previous post, I’ll share some pictures we took during the week. The weather was pretty OK for the kind of photography I had in mind, although it was more suited for sun-bathing and swimming. It was sunny and warm most of the time… Anyway, we had a cloudy day or two, with nice skies, so all was well.

The first day we went to the coast the weather was not very cooperative however. We had gray overcast skies for the most of the day. I found these beautiful, eroded rocks at low tide and decided to take a picture. I made a long exposure without including too much of the predominantly gray sky. In the background you can see two of the “Seven Islands” in the mist. CONTINUE READING…

Back to Brittany


Yay! Going back to Brittany, France, next week. Brittany, or “Breizh”, has a beautiful coast, with a plethora of photographic opportunities. It’s going to be a one week trip to the north of the province. We’ll be doing plenty of hiking and we have some boat trips to some nearby islands scheduled as well. The weather forecast looks fine: we’re going to have some sunny days, but also a few days with “bad weather”. I put “bad weather” between parentheses, because I think those days are going to be the best days to practice one of my favorite activities: taking pictures!

I plan on doing some  long exposure work, probably in black and white, which is something I really enjoy. I hope to show the results here after the trip. CONTINUE READING…