Welcome to the machine

An entrance to the "Cité des Sciences" in Paris, France

An entrance to the “Cité des Sciences” in Paris, France

"Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
 Where have you been?
 It's alright we know where you've been."
 Pink Floyd

Well, this photo was obviously heavily inspired by the song “Welcome to the machine” by Pink Floyd. We were waiting outside the “Cité des Sciences” in Paris when I saw this scene: people entering and coming out of the building. The machine-like architecture and the people going in and out immediately made me think of the aforementioned song and I had to take a picture. It took about ten attempts or thirty minutes before I got it right; I wanted someone walking alone, with a light colored shirt. It took a little effort, but I’m very pleased with the result…

The building is “La Cité des Sciences” in Paris France. A very interesting place, really worth a visit if you’re interested in anything related to science.